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    Introduction to Dental Radiology

    A qualified dental nurse who is awarded the NEBDN certificate in Dental Radiography, will be able to act under prescription as an IR(ME)R operator, in order to safely take intra-oral and extra-oral radiographs of patients. The additional skills acquired, together with the knowledge gained, will enhance your CV and bring benefits to your employer and to patients

    Dental radiographs are commonly called X-rays.

    Dentists use radiographs for many reasons: to find hidden dental structures, malignant or benign masses, bone loss, and cavities.

    A radiographic image is formed by a controlled burst of X-ray radiation which penetrates oral structures at different levels, depending on varying anatomical densities, before striking the film or sensor.

    Teeth appear lighter because less radiation penetrates them to reach the film. Dental caries, infections and other changes in the bone density, and the periodontal ligament, appear darker because X-rays readily penetrate these less dense structures. Dental restorations may appear lighter or darker, depending on the density of the material.

    The NEBDN Dental Radiology course takes place in the prestigious location of The BDA (British Dental Association), 64 Wimpole Street, London, W1G 8YS. The BDA is situated moments from Harley St., the premiere dental destination in London. The BDA is conveniently sited within easy walking distance (5-10) minutes from Oxford Circus, Bond Street and Baker St. underground stations.

    Application and information

    Complete the application form, and email to Becky Madigan, Admissions Director, [email protected] or call her on 020 7205 2299

    If you have any questions regarding the London Dental Radiology course please call 0207 205 2299

    Dental Radiology

    Achieve your NEBDN Certificate in Dental Radiography with SmileWisdom. Our dental nursing courses are accredited by the National Examining Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN). Our students have an outstanding record of achievement in passing the examination.

    The SmileWisdom Radiology accredited course is suitable for GDC Registered dental nurses who currently assist, or shortly will assist in the field of dental Radiography.

    The SmileWisdom course is idea for GDC registered dental nurses who would like to be more involved with patient care and would like to support their dentists in the diagnosis and treatment planning by providing good diagnostic radiographs.

    To enrol in the course you will need:

    • To be a registered dental nurse with the General Dental Council ( GDC) or Irish Dental Council (IDC)
    • To be able to assist in sufficient dental Radiography procedures to carry out the completion of the Record of Competence (RoC)
    • To have a supportive employer to supervise your Record of Competence (RoC) completion
    • To have a valid first Aid / Basic Life Support (BLS) certificate of completion
    • Be competent in written and spoken English to able to communicate effectively with patients, their families and dental and healthcare professionals
    • To be self motivated


    Why Study at SmileWisdom Dental Academy?

    • You will be taught by qualified and registered dental tutors, most of whom are also examiners
    • You will benefit from interactive methods including role plays, simulations and group work. The course will take place at The BDA (British Dental Association), the home of UK dental Professions. The BDA is at 64 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8YS
    • Professionally equipped class rooms with free refreshments
    • SmileWisdom students can benefit from the TFL 18+ Student Oyster Photocard. You will save 30% off the price of adult-rate Travelcards and Bus & Tram Pass season tickets. This will be for the period of your course


    This is a 90-minute written examination composed of two sections:

    • Part A – 60 multiple choice questions (MCQ)
    • Part B – 15 extended matching questions (EMQ)

    Examinations are held twice a year in March and September.

    Award of qualification

    In order to be awarded this qualification, you must:

    • Complete and satisfy the requirements of the Record of Competence
    • Pass the examination.

    Awarding Body:

    National Examining Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN)

    Your practice must be willing to allow you to take radiographs and supervise you in doing so.


    Fees, location and key information

    Duration:  6 months
    Frequency: Monthly class of 4 hours each
    Starts date: 1st September 2021
    Day/time: Wednesday 9am to 1pm
    Where : The British Dental Association
    64 Wimpole Street,
    W1G 8YS

    Course Fee

    1. The SmileWisdom fee for the course is £780 (including VAT).
    2. Deposit of £180 and 6 monthly payments of £100.00. The first month’s payment of £100.00 is due at end of the first month the course starts, and then monthly thereafter until the total fee is paid.
    3. The NEBDN (current) Exam Fee of £195.00 is in addition to the SmileWisdom fee.
    4. The SmileWisdom deposit is not refundable, nor transferable nor exchangeable.
    5. The total course fee of £780 is payable should you leave the course at anytime, less any amount already paid.
    6. If your course is completed, yet you continue to attend the lessons for any reason the monthly fees will continue.
    7. Should you decide to move to another Cohort, i.e., a different time or day, there will be a fee of £99.00.
    8. Fees are payable at the end of the calendar month. A late payment fee of £5 (incl. Vat) per week or part week, will apply from the 1st of the flowing month.


    Application and information

    Complete the application form and email to Becky Madigan, Admissions Director, [email protected] or call her on 020 7205 2299

    If you have any questions regarding the London Dental Radiology course please call 0207 205 2299