NEBDN Certificate in Dental Radiography

Dental nurse course overview

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    Q1. Who is the NEBDN Certificate in Dental Radiography for?

    A1. NEBDN Certificate in Dental Radiography is for registered dental nurses who would like to be more involved with patient care, plus would like to support their dentists in the diagnosis and treatment planning by providing good diagnostic radiographs.

    Q2. How long is the NEBDN Certificate in Dental Radiography course?

    A2. This Course will take 6 month, during which you are require to attend classes once a month.

    Q3. What job could I get at the end of course?

    Q3. A qualified dental nurse who is awarded the NEBDN certificate in Dental Radiography will be able to act under clinician’s prescription as an IR(ME)R operator in order to safely take intra-oral and extra-oral radiographs of patients. The additional skills acquired, together with the knowledge gained, will enhance your CV and bring benefits to your employer and to patients.

    Q4. When is the NEBDN Certificate in Dental Radiography exam?

    A4. National examinations are held twice a year in March and September

    Q5. What else is required besides attending classes?

    A5. You will be required to complete a work-based Record of Competence (RoC). There are three sections to the RoC:

    1. Practical Competence Assessment Sheets (PCAS)
    2. Case studies
    3. Supplementary outcomes

    Your tutor will explain you the RoC.

    Q6. What is the cost of the NEBDN Certificate in Dental Radiography course?

    A6. Fee for the course is £780 (including VAT). It is divided into a deposit of £180 and then 6 monthly payments of £100 each. This fee excludes the cost of the NEBDN exam (please see below).

    Q7. What is the cost of NEBDN Certificate in Dental Radiography exam?

    A7. The NEBDN (current) Exam Fee of £195. This is in addition to the SmileWisdom tuition fee.

    Q8. Who is the tutor?

    Q8. Our expert trainers/tutors are all GDC registered and NEBDN approved.

    Q9. Is there a minimum level of education?

    A9. Yes. You must be a registered dental nurse with the General Dental Council (GDC) or Irish Dental Council (IDC) You must have a valid first Aid / Basic Life Support (BLS) certificate of completion.

    Q10. Do I need Work Placement?

    A10. You must have a supportive employer to supervise your Record of Competence (RoC) completion.

    Q11.Where does the training take place?

    A11. At The British Dental Association: 64 Wimpole Street, London W1G 8YS. Plus by virtual interactive classroom during the disruption caused by the COVID-19 virus.

    Q12. What is the structure of the exam?

    A12.There is a 90-minute written examination composed of two sections:

    Part A – 60 multiple choice questions (MCQ)

    Part B – 15 extended matching questions (EMQ)

    Examinations are held twice a year in March and September.

    Q13. What must I do to be awarded the qualification?

    A13. In order to be awarded this qualification, you must:

    1. Complete and satisfy the requirements of the RoC
    2. Pass the examination

    Q14. As a registered dental nurse, what can I do to assist the dentist in taking Radiographs?

    A14. General dental nurses can assist the dentist during taking Radiographs by:

    1. Preparing a film and film holder
    2. Monitoring patient
    3. Maintaining cross infection control
    4. Processing and storing Radiographic film

    Q15. What is the difference between the certificate NEBDN Certificate in Dental Radiography and a CPD course in dental nurse radiology?

    A15. CPD courses are part of your mandatory core topics of your CPD cycle.

    CPD courses will not allow you to take radiographs or set radiographic equipment. The NEBDN Certificate in Dental Radiography will allow you to:

    1. Choose radiographic film
    2. Position the patient
    3. Set radiographic equipment
    4. Take Radiographs under clinician’s prescription

    Q16. Once I obtain the NEBDN Certificate in Dental Radiography can I take radiographs (OPG, CT scans and Radiographs) alone?

    A16. Yes, but always under a registered dentist’s prescription.

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