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3rd of May 2019 07:54 PM Link
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23rd of April 2019 04:24 PM Link
Our students having some “after class easter break fun” with their lovely tutor Liz!!
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8th of April 2019 04:09 PM Link
Join our fantastic OSCE Workshop taking place on 5th June from 1-5pm.
For more information please contact becky on 0207 205 2299 or email [email protected]
18th of March 2019 12:05 PM Link
Join our implant nursing course in May and gain your NEBDN Certificate. You won’t regret gaining this fantastic qualification. Call becky on 0207 205 2299 or email [email protected]
15th of March 2019 05:34 PM Link
Our happy students with their tutor Liz getting in some last minute revision lectures before their April NEBDN exam. Good luck ladies (not that you need it 😉)
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13th of March 2019 11:12 AM Link
Join our fantastic OSCE workshop to prepare you for your 2nd stage NEBDN exam. Our workshop covers everything you need to know to pass your OSCE exam!
Don’t hesitate and contact is today.
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25th of February 2019 10:12 AM Link
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21st of February 2019 12:59 PM Link
Fun times learning with SmileWisdom 😊
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19th of February 2019 05:02 PM Link
Our lovely student Eloise talking about her time as a student with SmileWisdom Dental Academy.
If you would like to join SmileWisdom please contact becky on 0207 205 2299 or email [email protected]
Your dental nursing career is in your hands and it’s only an email or phone call away!
18th of February 2019 11:54 AM Link
For more information please email becky at [email protected]
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15th of February 2019 11:34 AM Link
Some lovely pictures from yesterday’s lectures.
This could be you! Join our next group starting on Thursday 7th March. Call Becky on 0207 205 2299
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9th of February 2019 05:46 PM Link
The Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Churches celebrate the feast day of St. Apollonia on February 9, and she is popularly invoked against the toothache because of the torments she had to endure. She is represented in art with pincers in which a tooth is held.
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17th of January 2019 12:39 PM Link
Our student picking the right instruments needed for a dental treatment and setting aside. OSCE WORKSHOP with SmileWisdom
17th of January 2019 12:37 PM Link
OSCE workshop. Identifying burs
17th of January 2019 12:36 PM Link
Our AMAZING tutor Liz going though an OSCE training station. Liz was showing our students exactly what they need to do and include to give them the best possible chances of passing their NEBDN OSCE exam next week 😊
17th of January 2019 12:34 PM Link
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17th of January 2019 12:33 PM Link
Setting up for our OSCE training workshop! Lots of equipment, materials and skulls!
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2nd of January 2019 12:52 PM Link
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10th of December 2018 12:13 PM Link
SmileWisdom will be holding their NEBDN Dental Implant Course on Wednesday 23rd January at The BDA, 64 Wimpole Street, from 5pm to 8pm monthly for 10 months. Qualified GDC registered nurses only. Course cost £1295 payable over 10 months. Contact Becky on [email protected] for more information.
See you then!
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30th of November 2018 02:02 PM Link
Our tutors challenge game between two different groups of students! Who will come out on top!

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Great team and courses in the centre of London. Excellent training team and


Great dental nursing college with fantastic courses and high calibre of
dental experts.


It was great being in a dental environment.

Ms Alia S

The information on the course was amazing. Lots of new information and updates.

Ms Aya Z