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4th of July 2019 01:10 PM Link
Our lovely tutor Perminder teaching our latest June intake of dental nurses. This could be you! Our next intake with Perminder is 10th July. Limited places remaining so don’t miss out. Call Becky our Admissions Director on 0207 205 2299 or email [email protected]
Start your dental nursing career with SmileWisdom today 😁
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2nd of July 2019 03:42 PM Link
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14th of June 2019 10:58 AM Link
14th of June 2019 10:49 AM Link
The "New"​ SmileWisdom dental nurse job board specially for practices, students and dental nurses.

SmileWisdom Academy of Dental Nursing & Dentistry is hosted at the British Dental Association 64 Wimpole Street, London. SmileWisdom is an accredited provider for the NEBDN Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing. SmileWisdom has an excellent pass rate of 90%, and has the highest standard of tuition and support for student dental nurse. This means we can also provide great student and dental nurses

Here are some benefits below why students, and Dental nurses should register with the SmileWisdom dental nurse job board, and start applying for the latest and most exciting student and dental nurse careers in the market.

You know SmileWisdom best for the NEBDN Diploma in dental nursing. The BIG news is that we have now launched a new dental nursing job board ideal for you to find your next job.

The new job board is the ‘go to’ website when you are looking for your next job:

o Temporary or permanent

o Full-time or part-time

o GDC qualified or student


Specifically created as the ‘one and only’ job board to go to when searching for all dental nurse jobs.

You can search specific dental nursing jobs full-time or part-time and whether the job is temporary or permanent.

Your applications and documents are sent in ‘real-time’ to the practice without any agency intervention.

Our job board offers robust career advice, interview tips, blogs, and video content to show the life of a dental nurse. Additionally, specific courses to advance your career and furthermore helpful information.

Put simply, our job board is simply a “one stop shop” especially for dental nurse students and GDC qualified dental nurses to find their next position and advance your learning and career.

You can track your own applications and monitor whether you have been requested for an interview.

You can search jobs based on location and keywords.
Upload your CV today and search for your next jobs:

e: [email protected]

t: 02072052288
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14th of June 2019 09:14 AM Link
Our lovely students on their final lecture with their tutor Perminder!
Always having fun this group 😊
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11th of June 2019 09:21 AM Link
Check out all things implant nursing with SmileWisdom in the June edition of Dental Nursing Journal 😊
7th of June 2019 07:21 AM Link
Join our fantastic Implant Course. Call Becky on 0207 205 2299 for more information.
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7th of June 2019 07:21 AM Link
6th of June 2019 09:09 AM Link
A fantastic OSCE Workshop took place yesterday at SmileWisdom. A lovely bunch of students getting hands on and practical experience and preparation. Good luck to everyone in your NEBDN OSCE exam next week 😊
6th of June 2019 09:09 AM Link
A fantastic OSCE Workshop took place yesterday at SmileWisdom. A lovely bunch of students getting hands on and practical experience and preparation. Good luck to everyone in your NEBDN OSCE exam next week 😊
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3rd of June 2019 08:20 AM Link
Exciting times 😊
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23rd of May 2019 03:50 PM Link
Our amazing tutor Liz during today’s lecture. Liz really is one of the best!!
20th of May 2019 07:38 AM Link
Lecture fun!
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3rd of May 2019 06:54 PM Link
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17th of January 2019 11:39 AM Link
Our student picking the right instruments needed for a dental treatment and setting aside. OSCE WORKSHOP with SmileWisdom
17th of January 2019 11:37 AM Link
OSCE workshop. Identifying burs
17th of January 2019 11:36 AM Link
Our AMAZING tutor Liz going though an OSCE training station. Liz was showing our students exactly what they need to do and include to give them the best possible chances of passing their NEBDN OSCE exam next week 😊
17th of January 2019 11:34 AM Link
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17th of January 2019 11:33 AM Link
Setting up for our OSCE training workshop! Lots of equipment, materials and skulls!
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2nd of January 2019 11:52 AM Link
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Previous student testimonial

Great team and courses in the centre of London. Excellent training team and


Great dental nursing college with fantastic courses and high calibre of
dental experts.


It was great being in a dental environment.

Ms Alia S

The information on the course was amazing. Lots of new information and updates.

Ms Aya Z