SmileWisdom offers Post-Registration or Post-graduate NEBDN qualifications recognised by many employers. The purpose of these qualifications is to advance qualified dental nurses in their specialist education studies within dental nursing, allowing you to demonstrate your knowledge, skills and professional attributes. Post-Registration qualifications support personal development and enhance skills for career progression

As part of your training, you will be required to complete an online portfolio (RoC) providing evidence of performing clinical tasks relevant to your Post-Registration course. You will need the support of your employer/dental care professional who is appropriately trained in your Post-Registration qualification to be able to complete this effectively.

SmileWisdom is accredited against NEBDN high standards, ensuring that you get a fully supported learning experience.

SmileWisdom Post-graduate courses are all live online offering full interaction with your tutor and other students.

Post-Registration entry requirements:

  • Be registered with the General Dental Council (GDC) or the Irish Dental Council (IDC)
  • Be able to meet the work-based clinical requirements of the Record of Competence (RoC), by being employed as a dental nurse.


  • Post-Registration qualifications require an end of course examination which are held online. These exams are made up of Multiple-Choice Questions and Extended Matching Questions.  Examinations are typically held twice a year in March and September. All exams are online – no need to travel
  • An online portfolio of evidence and practical experience in the form of a detailed Record of Competence (RoC)
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