Make 2023 Meaningful – train as a dental nurse.

I think we can all agree it’s been a rough couple of years in many respects, hasn’t it? From the unknown of the COVID-19 pandemic to the war in Ukraine, the cost-of-living crisis and life just feeling that little bit more difficult. The start of a new year is a symbol of hope for many people and the opportunity of a clean slate to make some changes in your life over the next 12 months. At SmileWisdom, we love the idea of making 2023 meaningful and empowering people to achieve new goals in life.

We can’t think of a better way to make your own 2023 meaningful than gaining new skills and embarking on an exciting new career, helping other people in the process, and in turn making their year more meaningful too. Training as a dental nurse in 2023 could open so many doors for you and provide much-needed care to those struggling with their oral health. Dental nurses are in a great position to make positive contributions to the dental health of the local population. Not many people can say their job changed not only their life but the lives of other people too. Training as a dental nurse offers excellent career progression, a good salary, job security, and literally makes the world a smilier place. Now, that’s what we call making 2023 meaningful!

If you don’t have any previous qualifications and are worried about how you’re going to find a job in 2023, then dental nursing is a way to build invaluable skills while developing a solid career for the future. The SmileWisdom National Examining Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN) Diploma in Dental Nursing is the first step in getting started on the journey to becoming a qualified dental nurse. As a trainee dental nurse, you can carry out paid work in a dental practice, meaning you can start helping people from the offset while getting paid to learn. The NEBDN course takes approximately one year to complete – 36 weeks of formal training and lectures with 16 weeks break around Easter, summer and Christmas. So, this time next year you could be well on the way to an exciting new career for life. Just think of all the new skills you could learn, the fellow students you could meet, the work colleagues that could become friends and the people you could help along the way. Why not make 2023 the year you look back on in the future and think, “that was the year where I really made a difference”.

If you’re interested in training as a dental nurse and helping people take control of their dental health in 2023 find out more here.