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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Live Virtual Interactive Lectures Dental Nurses Training Course

    1. How long is the course?

    The NEBDN* course will take one year. There is 36 weeks of formal training and lectures, and 1 weeks break around Easter, 3/4 weeks break in the summer, and 2/3 weeks break at Christmas.

    2. How does this remote course work?

    Unlike most online courses where you get all the materials sent to you at once and you have to study by yourself, our course will let you feel like you are in a real classroom; you will attend live online classes with your classmates, you will see and hear your tutor and your fellow students, ask and answer questions using your microphone and talk with people via online live chat.

    Our live online course is a fun yet very efficient and effective way of getting your NEBDN diploma.

    3. How long is each class?

    Your classes will run either weekly or fortnightly; weekly classes are 2 hours each, fortnightly classes are 4 hours each, so with either one you chose you will get 8 hours in our virtual classroom a month.

    You will choose your course start date before you enrol, and you will get a full timetable with dates and times of classes before you start.

    4. How many people will be in my virtual classroom?

    To ensure you make the most of your learning experience and that you get as much attention from your tutor as possible – both during the class and offline – we limit our Live Virtual Interactive classrooms. Smaller classrooms mean that our courses are better tailored to your individual learning needs.

    5. What job could I get at the end of the course?

    This course will give you the training and an internationally recognised qualification that allows you to work as a Dental Nurse in a variety of settings including private practices, hospitals and community dental clinics.

    6. Will I have to do a job placement to gain experience?

    Yes, the course includes an assessed work placement. You will need to be working as a trainee dental nurse for a minimum of 16 hours per week over the duration of the course to complete your written eRoE (electronic Record of Experience). The Academy will guide you and offer help in finding a placement, usually in a dental surgery.

    7. How will I get a placement?

    We will coach you on interview techniques and help you write your CV. Before you start to go for interviews you will learn the basics of: • Health & safety • Sterilisation • Cross infection

    8. Will I need any inoculations before starting work?

    Yes, you will need a valid Heb B certificate. We will advise you how to obtain a blood test and/or inoculations.

    9. Is the end qualification the same as the one I would get attending live classes?

    Yes. Our Live Virtual Interactive Course is fully accredited by the NEBDN which means that upon completion you will be awarded the NEBDN Diploma in Dental Nursing, which is exactly the same qualification as the one you would get after attending our face-to-face lectures at the BDA in London.

    10. How will I get my diploma? Is there an exam?

    Yes, you will need to pass 2 exams to obtain your diploma, each exam runs twice a year. You will need to pass the theory first in order to sit the practical one. Stage 1 Exam. Multiple choice theory November and April Stage 2 Exam. Practical exam: January and June.

    11. What is the Electronic Record of Experience (eRoE)

    To be eligible to sit your Stage 1 Written Exam, you have to complete your Electronic Record of Experience (eRoE). The eROE has to be submitted to your tutor. eROE submission deadlines will be provided to you. Your tutor/ marking tutor will offer you help and guidance on completing your eROE.

    12. What is the cost?

    The total course fee is £1,695 incl. vat. We request a non-refundable deposit of £175.00 when enrolling onto the course and the remaining balance is spread over 9 monthly instalments of £169.00. You can set up an online standing order, or pay via credit/debit card each month, or via bank transfer (BACS). We are sorry we cannot accept personal cheques.

    12.1. What are the exam fees?

    The NEBDN Exam and eRoE fee is £485, which is not included in the course fee (explained above).

    13. Will I be able to retake the exams?


    14. What is the cost if retaking?

    £125 to retake the written exam and £300 to retake the practical. (NEBDN reserves the right to change this fee)

    15. How long can I take before having to retake the exam?

    There is a maximum 2 years.

    16. Do you offer additional exam revision classes, and – if so – what is the price?

    We do offer exam revision classes; there is a fee of £169 per month. This is the same as the extra tuition fee.

    17. Who will be running the training?

    Your online live lecture sessions will be taught by a highly qualified and experienced tutor. Our expert trainers are all NEBDN approved, with years of experience in teaching dental nurses. We are proud of our excellent exam pass rates of over 90%.

    18. Is there a minimum level of education to join the course?

    You will need to be able to pass Level 3 Maths and English, or demonstrate a good level of English and maths.

    19. How do I attend my classes?

    You will get your personal login and password to access to our teaching platform from us. You can ‘attend’ the classes from pretty much anywhere you like, as long as you have a good internet connection.

    20. Do I have to be present at all the classes?

    You will need a minimum of 80% course attendance to be able to sit your exams; each virtual class counts towards your attendance total.

    21. Which devices/software will I need to attend lectures?

    You will need a computer, tablet or a mobile phone with a built-in speaker and microphone or a handset. You will also need a stable internet connection. No special software is required to access your virtual classroom.

    22. How and when can I enrol on a course?

    You can contact us via phone: 0207 205 2299, email: [email protected], or the LiveChat on SmileWisdom.co.uk website at any time.

    You will be asked to complete an application form and send us a copy of your CV, National Insurance Number, Passport and address confirmation. Once accepted on the course, we will ask you to pay a deposit. Upon receipt of the deposit fee the Academy will issues you with an Enrolment letter.

    Those with dental nurse experience will be asked to complete a dental questionnaire to assess their level of knowledge.

    We have limited spaces on each enrolment. Please contact us for available dates, so that we can book a place for you. We are also able to run 1:1 enrolments for you at your convenience, if you wish to see us at the BDA in London.

    *NEBDN – National Examining Board for Dental Nurses