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Frequently Asked Questions

National Diploma in Dental Nursing (NEBDN)

Your Interest

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    1. How long is the course?
      The NEBDN course will take around one year. There is 36 weeks of formal lectures, with breaks for Easter, summer and Christmas.
    1. How long is each class?
      Your classes will run either weekly or fortnightly; weekly classes are 2 hours each, fortnightly classes are 4 hours each, so with either one you chose you will typically get 8 hours in our virtual classroom a month. You will choose your course start date before you enrol, and you will get a full timetable with dates and times of classes before you start.
    1. What job could I get at the end of the course?
      The NEBDN course will give you an internationally recognised qualification which will allow you to work as a Dental Nurses in a variety of settings including private practices, hospitals and community dental clinics. See our student success stories HERE.
    1. Will I have to do a job placement to gain experience?
      Yes, the course includes an assessed work placement. You will need to be working as a trainee dental nurse for a minimum of 16 hours per week over the duration of the course to complete your written eRoE (electronic Record of Experience). The Academy will guide you and offer help in finding a placement in a dental surgery.
    1. How will I get a job as a trainee dental nurse?
      We can help you with interview technique and your CV. We have a dedicated support team and a job board where vacancies for trainee dental nurses are advertised. See more about job support we will offer you HERE.
    1. Will I need any inoculations before starting work?
      Yes, you will need a valid Heb B certificate. We can advise you how to obtain a blood test and/or vaccination.
    1. When are the exams?
      There are 2 stages to the NEBDN exam. You need to pass stage 1 in order to sit stage 2.
      Stage 1. Multiple choice theory (written) exam – November or April
      Stage 2. Practical exam – January or June
    1. What is the Electronic Record of Experience (eRoE)?
      To be eligible to sit your Stage 1 Written Exam, you have to complete your Electronic Record of Experience (eRoE). The eROE has to be submitted to your tutor. eROE submission deadlines will be provided to you. Your tutor/ marking tutor will offer you help and guidance on completing your eROE.
    1. When does the eROE need to be submitted?
      The eROE has to be submitted to your tutor by 31stJan for April exam, and 31st August for November exam.
    1. What is the cost?
      The total course fee is 1695.00 inc VAT. £175.00 deposit followed by 9 monthly payments of £169.00.
    1. What are the exam fees?
      The NEBDN exam fee is £510.00. This exam fee covers both your written and practical NEBDN exams.
    1. Will I be able to retake the exams?
      There will be a charge of £169/month for extra tuition
    1. What is the cost if retaking the exam?
      £150 exam retake fee (NEBDN reserves the right to change this fee)
    1. How long can I take before having to retake the exam?
      There is a maximum of 2 years allowed by the NEBDN after which you would need to enrol on another course
    1. Do you offer revision classes?
      yes see this link: Here
    1. Who will be training me?
      You will be taught by one of our friendly professional dental nurse tutors. Our trainers are all NEBDN-approved tutors and all former dental nurses so are well places to help you succeed.
    1. Is there a minimum level of education I need to hold to enrol?
      There are no formal education requirements. All you need is good English and the ability to work in the UK for at least 16 hrs per week while on the course.                                          
    1. Where will I be taught?

      Live Virtual Interactive Course – fully online: Unlike most online courses where you get all the materials sent to you at once and you have to study by yourself, our course will let you feel like you are in a real classroom; you will attend live online classes with your classmates, you will see and hear your tutor and your fellow students, ask and answer questions using your microphone and talk with people via online live chat.

    • Blended or hybrid Learning combines in-classroom and live online lectures.
      This method of study alternates learning online with learning in person. Our in-person classes are taught are at The British Dental Association (BDA) – 64 Wimpole Street, W1G 8YS.
    • Fully Face-to-face classroom learning
      We are based at The British Dental Association (BDA) – 64 Wimpole Street, W1G 8YS. See this link: Here
    1. Where will the exam take place?
      Both exams will take place online.
    1. Is the end qualification of the online course the same as the one I would get attending live classes?
      Our Live Virtual Interactive Course is fully accredited by the NEBDN which means that upon completion you will be awarded the NEBDN Diploma in Dental Nursing, which is exactly the same qualification as the one you would get after attending our face-to-face classes.

    To qualify as a dental nurse, you need to complete the professional Diploma in Dental Nursing. This is a GDC (General Dental Council) requirement. You will need to work as a student dental nurse at least 16 hours per week. We will help you find a job as a trainee dental nurse. The next SmileWisdom course start dates and class frequency are below. All SmileWisdom classes are with a qualified and experienced tutor.


    OPTION-01: – Live online course start dates:
    Live online course. Start dates : All SmileWisdom online classes are with a qualified and experienced tutor.

    1. Monday 08 April 2024  – DNO58
      6.30pm to 8.30pm (One 2 hour class every week with Karolina Adamska)
    2. Saturday 20 April 2024  – DNO59
      10.00am to 12.00pm (One 2 hour class every week with Perminder Kaur)
    3. Monday 13 May 2024  – DNO60
      6.00pm to 8.00pm (One 2 hour class every week with Deborah Halter)
    4. Sunday 19 May 2024  – DNO61
      1.00pm to 5.00pm (One 4 hour class every week with Perminder Kaur)
    5. Friday 07 June 2024  – DNO62
      9.00am to 1.00pm (One 4 hour class every week with Karolina Adamska)
    6. Tuesday 11 June 2024  – DNO63
      6.00am to 8.00pm (One 2 hour class every week with Perminder Kaur)
    7. Wednesday 17 July 2024  – DNO64
      6.00pm to 8.00pm (One 2 hour class every week with Perminder Kaur)
    8. Sunday 28 July 2024  – DNO65
      10.00am to 12.00pm (One 2 hour class every week with Perminder Kaur)

    NOTE: – Each class is the same day and time as the first class.

    OPTION-02: – 100% face to face:
    100% face to face – classroom based for all lectures with a qualified and experienced tutor.

    1. Thursday 11 April 2024 – DNF13
      9.30am to 1.30pm  (One 4 hour class every two weeks with Perminder Kaur)
    2. Thursday 9 May 2024 – DNF14
      2.00pm to 6.00pm  (One 4 hour class every two weeks with Perminder Kaur)
    3. Thursday 13 June 2024 – DNF15
      9.00am to 1.00pm  (One 4 hour class every two weeks with Dr Liz Moran)
    4. Thursday 18 July 2024 – DNF16
      9.00am to 1.00pm  (One 4 hour class every two weeks with Sarah Hussey)

    NOTE: – Each class is every 2 weeks for 4 hours on Thursday at the same time as the first class. We are based at The British Dental Association (BDA). 64 Wimpole St. London, W1G 8YS.

    Please see our Terms & Conditions – HERE

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