CPD dental nurses

CPD Course – Basic Life Support / CPR

This 2 hour CPD course provides you with the skills and knowledge of basic life support that is required of you yearly as a dental professional.

What you will learn from this CPD course

  • Different ways cardiac arrest can present in men and women alongside the ways to identify it.
  • In the instance of a patient going into cardiac arrest, you will be able to deliver potentially saving treatment
  • How to manage a cardiac arrest in the dental practice – this includes your role and the role of your team
  • All about chest compressions, rescue breaths and how to safely use a defibrillator in adult and child patients.

Course Outcomes

As a result of completing this course you will:

  • Be informed/reminded of all legislation and guidance relative to managing medical emergencies in a dental practice
  • Gain or update your existing knowledge of signs and symptoms of each type of medical emergency
  • Have sufficient knowledge to carry out defibrillation assisted CPR
  • Gain or update your existing knowledge of emergency medicine and the equipment required and used by a dental practice

Live with a tutor on Zoom
or in your dental practice

In-practice Training:
From £975 incl. VAT (plus travel)
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On Zoom training:
From £675 incl. VAT
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Course Tutor – Emma Male

Who is the course suitable for?

Dental Therapists
Dental Hygienists
Orthodontic Therapists
Clinical Dental Technicians
Dental nurses
Dental Technicians

And any other team members with a valid GDC number can benefit from this CPD course.

Objectives of this CPD course

  • Signs, symptoms and treatment of medical emergencies in the dental setting
  • Guidance and regulation specific to dental practices
  • Emergency drug and equipment requirements
  • Managing the conscious and unconscious patient
  • Maintaining a patient in a cardiac arrest situation
  • Defibrillator supported cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)
  • Provision of CPR in primary dental care during the COVID-19 pandemic

Benefits of taking the Basic Life Support/CPR CPD course

Benefits of taking this course

  • Basic life support and CPR knowledge is mandatory yearly as a dental professional, enabling you to maintain GDC registration standards
  • As a dental nurse student up-to-date certification is vital in order to be able to sit your final exam
  • Learn at your own pace and focus on areas you’re not familiar with instead of feeling lost in a group course situation
  • Increase your confidence and be able to take the lead in an emergency situation in your practice
  • Become a key driver in instilling good standards of emergency care within your practice and management of first aid/medication kit
  • With further training you could expand to become an individual trainer in life support and CPR within other institutions
  • Ability to help not only in your dental practice but in social situations where basic life support and CPR may be required

Your Course Tutor – Emma Male

ROE tutor

“This course will provide you with the knowledge and skills which can not only be potentially life-saving but are essential for providing excellent patient care, maintaining GDC registration and boosting your employability.”

Want to upskill even further? Great additions to this course and your further learning would be, Health & Safety, First Aid & Defibrillator.

Please email us or call 0207 205 2299 if you have any questions or to book.

*Live Online lectures take place in a ‘virtual classroom’ on our teaching platform.

Our live online study mode means you can study with us from anywhere in the UK. Our advanced teaching platform will enable you to feel like you are in a real classroom, without having to spend time and money on commuting. Perfect if you are looking to combine good quality education with a busy lifestyle. There is no requirement to submit a portfolio of work in order to obtain your CPD certification, completion of the course however is essential.

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