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Basic Life Support / CPR

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    Course Overview

    Course Title                              Basic Life Support / CPR

    Course Code                             CPR

    Who is it for                              All Dental Professionals incl. Trainee Nurses

    Verifiable CPD hours               2 hours

    Date                                           8 Jan 2022

    Time                                           10.00am – 12.00pm

    Venue                                         Live online *

    Course Tutor                              Emma Male

    Fee – Individual                         £95 incl. VAT

    Fee – In-practice Training        £995 excl. VAT for up to 6 delegates


    • Guidance and regulation specific to dental practices
    • Emergency drug and equipment requirements
    • DR ABC DE
    • Managing the conscious and unconscious patient
    • Defibrillator supported Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
    • Signs, symptoms and treatment of medical emergencies in the dental setting
    • The Provision of CPR in Primary Dental Care during the COVID 19 Pandemic


    As a result of completing this course the learner will:

    • Be informed/reminded of all regulation and guidance relative to managing medical emergencies in the dental practice
    • Have sufficient knowledge to carry out defibrillation assisted cardio pulmonary resuscitation
    • Be informed/reminded of legislation and guidance specific to the dental practice medical emergency management
    • Gain or update their existing knowledge of emergency medicine and equipment required and used by the dental practice
    • Gain or update their existing knowledge of signs and symptoms of each type of medical emergencies

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