NEBDN Certificate in Dental Implant Nursing

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    Through experience and credibility, we enhance the careers of dental nurses & practice support staff with training and resourcing, and e-CPD for all dental professionals;

    delivered with dedication and passion!
    • Be dedicated to the training and education of dental professionals
    • Be run solely by dental professionals for dental professionals with the highest possible standards of tuition
    • Provide the highest possible training and education for dental professionals in a small class environment.
    • Provide a positive learning environment
    SmileWisdom has an impressive 98% pass rate for the NEBDN Diploma in Dental Nursing London

    About the Course

    Achieve your NEBDN Certificate in Dental Implant Nursing with SmileWisdom. Our dental nursing courses are accredited by the National Examining Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN). Our students have an outstanding record of achievement in passing the examinations.

    Dental implants are replacement tooth roots. Implants provide a strong foundation for fixed (permanent) or removable replacement teeth that are made to match your natural teeth.
    Implant Dentistry is a highly advanced, specialised dental skill which is now a widely available treatment across the UK and overseas. It combines surgical skills with restorative expertise to help rebuild the dentition. Some examples of damage could be due to trauma, caries or malignancy. These cases require meticulous planning and exacting standards to ensure an optimum result for each patient.

    The SmileWisdom accredited course is suitable for qualified dental nurses who would like to gain valuable knowledge in order to assist the specialist in the field of dental Implantology.

    Record of Competence

    You are required to complete a work-based Record of Competence (RoC). There are four sections to the RoC:

    • Practical Competence Assessment Sheets (PCAS)
    • Case studies
    • Directly Observed Clinical Skills (DOCS) Assessments
    • Supplementary outcomes


    This is a 90-minute written examination composed of two sections:

    • Part A – 45 multiple choice questions (MCQ)
    • Part B – 30 extended matching questions (EMQ)

    Examinations are held twice a year in March and September.

    Award of qualification

    In order to be awarded this qualification, you must:

    • Complete and satisfy the requirements of the RoC
    • Pass the examination

    Awarding body

    National Examining Board for Dental Nurses

    How to Apply:

    Complete the application form, and email to Becky Madigan, Admissions Director, [email protected] or call 020 7205 2299

    Read more about the benefits of undertaking the NEBDN Certificate in Dental Implant Nursing here

    Fees, location and key information

    Duration:  1 year
    Frequency: Monthly class
    Starts date: Saturday 27th November 2021
    Day/time: Saturday 10am to 1pm
    Where : Live Online and fully interactive *

    *Live Online lectures take place in a ‘virtual classroom’ on our teaching platform.
    Our live online study mode means you can study with us from anywhere in the UK. Our advanced teaching platform will let you feel like in a real classroom, without having to spend time and money on commuting. Perfect if you are looking to combine good quality education with a busy lifestyle.

    Course Fees:

    1. The SmileWisdom fee for the course is £1,295.00 (including VAT).
    2. The NEBDN Exam fee is payable in addition to the SmileWisdom fee.
    3. The deposit of £295 is not refundable, nor transferable.
    4. 10 monthly payments each of £100 is payable by the end of each month. The first payment is due the month of starting the course.
    5. The total course fee of £1,295 is payable should you leave the course at anytime, less any amount already paid.
    6. If your course is completed, yet you continue to attend the lessons for any reason the £100 monthly fees will continue.
    7. Should you decide to move to another course cohort, i.e., a different time or day there will be a fee of £99.00.
    8. Fees are payable at the end of the calendar month. A late payment fee of £10 (incl. Vat) per week or part week, will apply from the 1st of the following month.

    To enrol in the course you will need:

    • To be a registered dental nurse with the General Dental Council ( GDC) or Irish Dental Council (IDC)
    • To be able to assist in sufficient dental implant procedures to carry out the completion of the Record of Competence (RoC)
    • To have a supportive employer to supervise your Record of Competence (RoC) completion
    • To have a valid first Aid / Basic Life Support (BLS) certificate of completion
    • Be competent in written and spoken English to able to communicate effectively with patients, their families and dental and healthcare professionals
    • To be self motivated

    Why Study at SmileWisdom Dental Academy?

    • You will be taught by qualified and registered dental tutors, most of whom are also examiners
    • You will benefit from interactive methods including role plays, simulations and group work.
    • Great success rate and pass rate – see our success stories here

    How to Apply:

    Complete the application form, and email to Becky Madigan, Admissions Director, [email protected] or call 020 7205 2299

    Read more about the benefits of undertaking the NEBDN Certificate in Dental Implant Nursing here

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