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Virtual interactive online classroom for dental nurses

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The SmileWisdom virtual classroom is easy, convenient, interactive and excellent for revision!

  1. Join your lectures from work or home by easily accessing lectures from your laptop, PC or smart phone anywhere in the world! You never have to miss out.
  2. Don’t waste time commuting.  Access your lectures from your workplace or home means you save time and money.
  3. You can replay your lectures. Our online virtual lectures are recorded so you can access information and lectures again and again! This feature is fantastic and helpful for revision when it comes to exam preparation
  4. Accessible information. All of the ‘handouts’ are stored on our virtual platform, so you can keep organised and not worry about losing vital information.
  5. Our classes are fully interactive – if you want to make a comment or ask a question you can type on the ‘live chat’ or turn on your microphone and speak directly to your tutor and your classmates
  6. You will see your tutor and any material like PowerPoint presentations or the clipboard
  7. Easy to use. When you join you simply need to download the free ‘lecture app’ and use your login and password. Once logged in to your allotted lecture time you will see your tutor and fellow classmates and your lecture will begin.
  8. Benefit from the same high standards of learning and support you would if it was face to face
  9. You can also choose to activate your camera so that your tutor and classmates can see you too.
  10. You can press a button to raise your hand, send a Emoji / smiley face and interact with the whole classroom by pressing yes/no to questions, and much more!

The next SmileWisdom course start dates are below. The rest of the time you will need to work as a student dental nurse (at least 16 hours per week).

SmileWisdom NEBDN Dental Nurse Diploma next course starting dates, & frequency

  • DN 29  – Thursday 16th April 2020                  11.30 am to 1.30 pm (Weekly)
  • DN 30  – Wednesday 29th April 2020              1.00pm to 5.00 pm (Every two weeks)
  • DN 31  – Thursday June 25th 2020                   4.00pm to 6.00 pm (Weekly)          
  • DN 32  – Thursday July 2nd 2020                      9.30 am to 11.30 am (Weekly)          
  • DN 33  – Friday 21st Aug 2020                           9.00am to 1.00pm (Every two weeks)      

Enrolling on the course allows you to start working as a Trainee/ Student Dental Nurse immediately. A typical salary of a trainee dental nurse is £8 to £12 per hour.

Questions & Support

Although times are strangely different we recommend you use the time at home to study, complete your eRoE and attend your normal class with your tutor online.

Any questions regarding:

  • Online virtual classroom lectures & training, CPD courses, eRoE & fees: – B[email protected] 0207 205 2299