CPD dental nurses

CPD Course – Endodontic Dental Nursing

This 3 hour CPD course provides the principles of endodontics required to be a successful endodontic dental nurse.

Objectives of this CPD course

  • In-depth clinical A-Z look at endodontics for undergraduate or postgraduate dental nurses
  • Understand instruments used in endodontic treatment
  • Understand procedures used in endodontic treatment – tray set up, files, rubber dam, local anaesthesia, access cavity, obturation, irrigation
  • Patient pain management in endodontics
  • Accurate endodontic record-keeping
  • Patient journey management

Course Outcomes

By the end of this course you will be able to:

  • Describe current theoretical knowledge of root canal treatment
  • Demonstrate practical skills to assist chairside with all stages of root canal treatment
  • Understand the recommended treatment options for reversible and irreversible pulpitis
  • Confidently explain to patients the process of caries and potential outcomes of untreated caries

Live with a tutor on Zoom
or in your dental practice

In-practice Training:
From £975 incl. VAT (plus travel)
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On Zoom training:
From £675 incl. VAT
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Course Tutor –  Dr Liz Moran

Who is the course suitable for?

GDC registered dental nurses. A copy of your certificate is required to join this course


Benefits of taking the Endodontic Dental Nursing CPD

  • Experience outstanding course content. Our course is supervised and reviewed by one of the leading endodontic specialists in London, Dr Michael Sultan
  • Expand your ability and knowledge as a dental nurse
  • Understand whole treatment from preparation, instruments, assistance, the treatment itself, management of the patient and records to post-operative instructions
  • Confidence to pass on the correct instruments during treatment
  • Be clear on the complications that can arise from treatment
  • Ensure better success rates and improved efficiency of endodontic treatments in your practice
  • Confidence to undertake complex procedures smoothly
  • Ability to assist with restorative procedures post-endodontic treatment

Your Course Tutor – Liz Moran

“This course gives you the confidence and know-how to not only improve your assistance during endodontic treatment but to further educate your patients.”

Want to upskill even further? A great addition to this course and your further learning would be, Topical Anaesthetic Application.

Please email us or call 0207 205 2299 if you would like to get more information on this course or to arrange in-practice training for your Team.

*Live Online lectures take place in a ‘virtual classroom’ on our teaching platform.

Our live online study mode means you can study with us from anywhere in the UK. Our advanced teaching platform will enable you to feel like you are in a real classroom, without having to spend time and money on commuting. Perfect if you are looking to combine good quality education with a busy lifestyle. There is no requirement to submit a portfolio of work in order to obtain your CPD certification, completion of the course however is essential.

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