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Online CPD – Defibrillator (AED) Supported CPR 

For all dental professionals

This course will update your knowledge of defibrillator supported cardiopulmonary resuscitation ensuring you are able to administer prompt, and potentially, life-saving treatment to cardiac arrest victims.

What you will learn from this CPD course

  • How to identify and manage a cardiac arrest.
  • How to promptly provide life potentially saving treatment and summon help from other team members and emergency services for cardiac arrests.
  • Your role in managing a cardiac arrest in the dental practice
  • How to provide chest compressions, rescue breaths and use a defibrillator (Defibrillator supported cardiopulmonary resuscitation.) in both adult and child patients.

Our Defibrillator (AED) Supported CPR course is quality assured and specifically tailored to help you fulfil your enhanced CPD requirements set out by the GDC. It also meets the CQC regulations to ensure you and your practice are delivering the highest standard of dental care.

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3 hours

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GDC Outcomes: C

Course modules

Module 1 – Assessing the patient

  • Primary and Secondary surveys.
  • Managing the conscious and unconscious patient.

Module 2 – Defibrillator supported Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

  • CPR equipment
  • Chest compression and rescue breaths

Defibrillator conditions for use, indications and contraindications

Relevant Legislation

Quality Standards: Primary dental care

GDC guidance on medical managing medical emergencies

CQC Dental Myth buster – List of medical emergency drugs and equipment required in the dental practice

CQC Regulation 12 (Safety of care and treatment).

CQC Regulation 17 (Good governance)

GDC Principle Seven – Maintain, develop and work within your professional knowledge and skills

GDC Principle One – Put patients’ interests first

Defibrillator supported Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
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Help and Guidance Feedback

Our interactive CPD learning courses have been created by Emma Male to the highest quality of learning standards.
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Emma has many years of experience teaching dentists and dental nurses and has delivered courses in practice and online making her uniquely positioned to offer our online CPD training in a fun engaging and interactive manner.
Emma holds the Kings College Hospital Dental Implant Nursing Certificate and has been the seconded BADN council member for Dental Implants.

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