Certificate in Implant Dental Nursing

Course Syllabus

Dental nurse course overview

Your Interest

    • Be student focussed with small classes providing personal attention
    • Run courses and events at "work friendly" times meaning less time off work
    • Be run by dental professionals for dental professionals
    • Be located in modern convenient training facilities
    • Offer flexible course payment plans
    • Be dedicated to the training and education of dental professionals
    • Be run solely by dental professionals for dental professionals with the highest possible standards of tuition
    • Provide the highest possible training and education for dental professionals in a small class environment.
    • Provide a positive learning environment
    SmileWisdom has an impressive 98% pass rate for the NEBDN Diploma in Dental Nursing London

     Dental Nurse Implant 

    Knowledge and critical understanding

    • Demonstrate an understanding of the role of implant techniques in dentistry.
    • Understand the range of control of pain and anxiety techniques.
    • Understand the importance and influence that the patients’ general health may have on the use of dental implants.
    • Demonstrate the knowledge to assist with effective dental implantology.
    • Understand the importance of complying with contemporary guidance relating to the environment, facilities and equipment.
    • Demonstrate a critical understanding of the issues involved in the scientific basis of dental implants.

    Practical skills (gained in your practice)

    • Assist in the assessment of patients who require dental implants.
    • Practice effective and safe dental implant nursing.
    • Remain calm, decisive and purposeful whilst handling difficulties or complications.

    Record of Competence (RoC)

    You are required to complete a work-based Record of Competence (RoC). There are four sections to the Record of Competence:

    • Practical Competence Assessment Sheets (PCAS)
    • Case Studies
    • Directly Observed Clinical Skills (DOCS) Assessments
    • Supplementary outcomes


    • This is a 90 min written examination composed of two sections:
    • Part A – 50 multiple choice questions (MCQ)
    • Part B – 30 extended matching questions (EMQ).

    Examinations are held twice a year in March and September

    Is This Course for me?

    This course is perfect for you if:

    • You would like to make a positive contribution to the dental health of the local population
    • You wish to learn how to maintain high standards of hygiene and cleanliness and health and safety
    • You enjoy interacting with different people as part of a multi-disciplinary team
    • You are looking for a qualification that leads to employment

    Fees, location and key information

    Duration:   –  1 year taught in 10 three hour classes
    Next Start Date: New Date Coming Soon!
    Course Times: 10:00am-1:00pm
    Course type – Live online lectures

    Award of Qualification

    In order to be awarded this qualification, you must:

    1. Complete and satisfy the requirements of the Record of Competence (RoC)
    2. Pass both examinations

    Awarding Body:
    National Examining Board for Dental Nurses (NEBDN)


    Course Fees 

    1. The SmileWisdom fee for the course is £1,295.00 (including VAT).
    2. The NEBDN Exam fee is payable in addition to the SmileWisdom fee.
    3. The deposit of £295 is not refundable, nor transferable.
    4. 10 monthly payments each of £100 is payable by the end of each month. The first payment is due the month of starting the course.
    5. The total course fee of £1,295 is payable should you leave the course at anytime, less any amount already paid.
    6. If your course is completed, yet you continue to attend the lessons for any reason the £100 monthly fees will continue.  
    7. Should you decide to move to another course cohort, i.e., a different time or day there will be a fee of £99.00.
    8. Fees are payable at the end of the calendar month. A late payment fee of £5 (incl. Vat) per week or part week, will apply from the 1st of the following month.

    Contact [email protected] or call 0207 205 2299

    Previous Student Testimonials

    Before I started the course, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Now, that I’m at the sixth lecture, I’m certain that I made the right choice. I couldn’t have picked better than this. I was so lucky to meet Becky, Ewa and our wonderful teacher, Liz. The lectures are more and more interesting with every class. Liz makes the learning process so fun and easy. Thank you, Smile Wisdom!”