At Smilewisdom we believe nothing is more important than the quality of our training.

The best thing for us at the end of a course or session is hearing from happy students. We love to support our students and graduates in every aspect of their career so it really is wonderful to hear we are doing a good job.

Thanks so much for the feedback to all our students – we have loved teaching you.

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Our Latest Feedback


Thank you so much to everyone yesterday. I really enjoyed the class! DJ

Thank you for your support. You made things a lot easier for me in particular. CB

Information delivered very well, large selection of equipment and instruments. TK

A lot of topics covered and enough materials to practice with. DP

Very informative OSCE workshop. Set up gave a good idea about how the OSCE will be. SP

The training course was informative and useful. MT

This course really made me feel more comfortable about the exam. BN

Fantastic training day! Calmed my nerves as I had no idea what to expect for my OSCE. So much useful information. JB

Great equipment provided. Really helped seeing the instruments rather than just the picture! JB

Very informative. NA

Brilliant course. PA