Dental nursing job interview tips

How to make a great impression at your job interview Landing your dream dental nursing job Knowing that you want to be a dental nurse and passing your exams is one thing but making the right impression at that all-important interview is another! We know how nerve-racking job interviews can be, so we’ve prepared

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Key Stages To Get You On The Road To A New Career As A Dental Nurse

Beginning your career in dental nursing So, you’ve taken the leap and made the exciting decision to pursue a new career as a dental nurse, where do you go from here to make your dream a reality? To work as a dental nurse in the UK you will need to join an approved

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Dental Nurse – how to be great at the job

What does it take to be a good dental nurse? So, you’ve decided on a change of career but are not quite sure whether you have what it takes to be a dental nurse. Well you’re in the right place to find out. SmileWisdom is a leading dental nurse training institution with the

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Recruitment for multiple practice dentists.

Challenges within recruitment Recruiting a new member of staff is vital yet always time consuming and challenging. This is especially true when you are looking for specific dental nursing knowledge & skills, and experience. The challenge for dental chains and practices, who advertise on non-dental profession specific job boards, is that the job board

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Challenges facing a dental practices when recruiting

What are some of the challenges a practice face when trying to hire a trainee or GDC qualified dental nurse Smilewisdom looks into how we can assist busy practices overcome recruitment challenges. We have spoken to many dental practices and found out what are some challenges practices are facing when trying to hire the

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Dental Practice recruitment

Why we created the SmileWisdom dental nurse job board Nowadays, more and more dental practices looking for staff are able to access a wider audience via the internet and various social networking online platforms. SmileWisdom has created a niche dental nurse job board which allows practices to search for students or qualified dental nurses, and

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SmileWisdom job board for dental nurse recruitment

SmileWisdom launch specialist dental nursing recruitment SmileWisdom, best known for dental nurse training has now launched a specialist dental nursing recruitment division for both dental practices to find staff, and for dental nurses to find a job. SmileWisdom Academy of Dental Nursing & Dentistry is hosted at the British Dental Association 64 Wimpole Street,

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