Looking for a solution to improve your health? Start with your mouth.

Your teeth and your health Many of us at some point in our lives have experienced the pain of a deteriorating tooth or sensitivity in the mouth. Avoiding cold/hot foods, adopting a grin and bear it attitude, hoping the pain will just go away on its own; but should we be doing more

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Feeling Down? Get Your Dental Health In Check.

How your dental health can affect your mood Life isn’t always plain sailing (here’s looking at you 2020) and everyone feels down from time to time, but when you just can’t put your finger on what’s wrong and you’ve been feeling disinterested and unmotivated for a while then it might be time to

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Teeth Tips for Trainee dental nurses

Trainee Dental Nurses are responsible for helping with dental hygiene but it's important to remember to keep your own smile in order to make sure you are ready to greet your patients with a beautiful, bright smile! SmileWisdom have put together our Top 10 Tips tips to help you: Don’t go to bed without

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