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Dental Photography – camera differences

Photography Cameras –What’s the difference between DSLR and mirror-less DSLR? Roger Bretayne is the photography expert-in-residence here at SmileWisdom and the tutor of our CPD course in Dental Photography. We asked him to share a little of his photography knowledge for the blog.   Traditionally in dentistry we have used

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How dental nurses help patients during implant procedures

How dental nurses can help dentist during implant procedures Losing a tooth for whatever reason can be a pretty distressing experience and deciding to undergo an implant procedure even more daunting for a patient. This is where a good dental nurse comes in to save the day! Pre-operative care

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The dental nurse’s role during implant procedures

How you will help patients as an implant nurse Dental implants are a widely used procedure in the dental industry but they are also a surgical procedure meaning they demand a different level of skill for a dental nurse. Here we take a look at just what that might involve. When you lose

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How high-quality, active, online learning is essential to developing your skills and knowledge.

Online learning - how to get the best out of online CPD courses How to get the most out of online CPD. Online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is widely available and affordable to all dental professionals but does it always do what it says it should.....does it really continually, professionally develop us? Sometimes

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Become an Oral Health Educator

The world needs more Oral Health Educators, could you be one of them? The historic World Health Organisation (WHO) Resolution May 2021 paves the way for oral health improvements with “a shift from the traditional curative approach towards a preventative approach that includes promotion of oral health within the family, schools and workplaces.”

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Facebook group for dental nurses

Join in the conversation with other dental nurses Team Work Makes the Dream Work. Come and say hello on our Facebook Channel If you’re considering a career in dental nursing or are perhaps about to enrol on one of our SmileWisdom dental nurse training courses, then we’d love you to be part of

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Expand your dental nurse career in 6 months

The reason you should learn to take dental radiographs Have you ever wondered if dental nurses can take radiographs? Radiographs, commonly called X-rays, are taken during many dental treatments by a GDC qualified dentist. Since the beginning of your dental nursing career, you will have probably assisted your dentist to take 100s of

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Tips to shine at your job interview

How to shine during your dental nurse interview My name is Josh, and here are some of my best hints and tips. I’m a GDC Registered dental nurse and an experienced practice manager in a busy, private dental practice in Central London. Whether it is your first ever dental nursing interview or you’ve

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