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Fall in love with learning – challenge yourself

Fall in love with new skills, fall in love with learning  February is the month associated with love, with what is considered the most romantic day of the year falling on February 14th, Saint Valentine’s Day. While love is in the air this month, it got us thinking about how learning new skills

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How Dry January can help your smile

Dry January could be a breath of fresh air for your teeth. Dry January is the popular yearly public health challenge of going alcohol-free for the month. After an over-indulgent festive season many people see this as the time to put well-meaning New Year’s health resolutions in place. The charity Alcohol Change UK

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The history of Dental X-Rays

Radiography and the impact on Dentistry Welcome to the fascinating world of radiography and its profound impact on dentistry in the UK! Throughout history, radiography has revolutionized the way dental professionals diagnose and treat oral health conditions. From its humble beginnings to the advanced technology we have today, let's explore the journey of

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Fluoride Varnish Application Skills

Why Fluoride Varnish Application is a great addition to your CV. If you’re a recently qualified, registered dental nurse and looking for extra skills to bump up your CV, a fluoride varnish application course could be a great addition. Our NEBDN Certificate in Fluoride Varnish Application is equivalent to a Level 4 qualification.

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Mental Health Awareness Week

Dental Nursing, Mental Health and Anxiety This week marks Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK As a company that is passionate about helping people, we thought it was important to be a part of the conversation. Mental Health Matters every day of the Year but it’s thrust into the spotlight on the

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Benefits of Dental Implants

Restoring Smiles as a Dental Implant Nurse Benefits of Dental Implants Implant dentistry is now a widely available treatment, we take a look at some of the benefits both physically and mentally. Once qualified as a dental nurse there are many different directions your career could take you in. One of our most popular

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Upskilling your Receptionist to Dental Nurse

National Receptionists Day - Upskill Your Team National Receptionists Day is celebrated in May every year We look at the invaluable job receptionist do and why it is a great idea to not only show your reception team so appreciation but also consider all the transferable skills of a receptionist.  It’s the perfect

The royal role in advancing the field of dentistry

A Royal History of Smiles As far back as ancient Egypt, royalty was known to prioritize oral hygiene. Records show that Pharaohs would have their teeth cleaned with a blend of pumice, wine vinegar, and burnt eggshells. The ancient Greeks also believed in the importance of oral health and credited Hippocrates, the father

Celebrating royal smiles

A Smile Fit for a King Roll out the Union Jack flags; it’s almost Coronation Day! As the nation gears up for another Royal celebration, we thought it is fitting to take a brief look at the Royals and their teeth. Look at modern-day pictures of the monarchy, and you’ll see that teeth