EloiseWritten by Eloise who is a successful Dental Nurse, editor at the Dental Nursing Magazine, a face of Belmont Hygiene and a former SmileWisdom Student


I dreamt big from the beginning

I started studying for my NEBDN Diploma in Dental Nursing at SmileWisdom in 2016 and qualified as a Dental Nurse in 2019. From the day I started my journey, my life and career has changed massively. The whole 18 months during training and full-time work in a practice was fulfilling and I was able to learn a lot, but my goal was to reach out into private dentistry – an there is no place better for it than Central London! The first practice I worked at in London was everything I ever expected and more. I was so excited to join their team and they were the most welcoming and supportive of me being a trainee in that time.

My eyes opened to private dentistry the moment I started at James Street Dental Practice and I’ve never looked back. I learnt so much more than I did in general practice due to the amount of mixed treatments and equipment I was able to use, and also the amount of experience all the clinicians had to offer. I knew there was no step downwards when I reached James Street and I wasn’t wrong.


Why was my London experience so worthwhile 

Gaining insight into a notorious and prestigious dental surgery gave my CV a huge boost. Assisting in London has definitely helped me gain more opportunities since leaving; I have been given a great opportunity to become a Practice Manager in Hove with my ‘dental family’ (as I called them). When I was new, they welcomed me with open arms and I absolutely loved working with them and knowing we were a little family. I then moved onto Clinical Assisting in the South East’s award-winning dental practice – Twenty One Dental.

Just like in London, I saw similarities between the two in terms of standards, patient care and equipment, and if it hadn’t been for me wanting to branch out to London to study and experience dentistry there, I probably wouldn’t have been able to adapt to the pace and expectations of a clinical assistant in that high-end environment so easily.

My confidence gained in London helped me to take another step forward and to move to yet another hugely impressive practice with such elegance and class and a reputation for best patient care and digital dentistry awards. I was in my element.


Turning obstacles into opportunities

Soon after this opportunity, I was faced with an unforeseen circumstance in terms of my anxiety and I had to leave the practice of my dreams. I was utterly gutted and was so upset to have to leave but I knew it was for my best interest to take a break for a minute, to slow down… I then started to work as a locum nurse, and I felt that helped to ease my anxiety and take the days and schedules at my own pace. I now work as a self-employed locum nurse and I have never looked back.

Besides studying at SmileWisdom and working in London, another thing that also contributed to my professional success massively was my Instagram page. I started my dental nursing Instagram at the beginning of my work as a dental nurse and at some point, I was spotted by the editor of the Dental Nursing Magazine and I am now part of their editorial team! Coming from this opportunity, I was so honoured when I got asked to be the face of Belmont’s Hygiene and Care Range! The whole experience is phenomenal and a big achievement.

I am so grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way and for all the clinicians and wonderful nurses and dentist I have met along the way. They have all had such a profound impact on me as a dental nurse, me as a person and on my career.

I would urge every dental nurse to push yourself outside of the box and really aim for those high sectors within dentistry; if you want it you can have it. We are our only limit, so believe in yourself and keep reaching!