How to stand out in your Dental Practice

What can be more rewarding than a job that helps other people and where you also feel like a valuable member of a working team? An exceptional dental nurse goes the extra mile to be a standout, irreplaceable member of a dental practice; here’s how.

Love of learning
Once qualified as a dental nurse, the learning never stops. Whether it’s engaging with the work your colleagues are doing or using some of your own time to obtain further education and skills, a good dental nurse has an innate love of learning. Dental technology and ways of working are always advancing so it’s important to stay in touch with what’s happening in the industry. Observing the dental professionals you assist and other nurses at the practice will also help enhance your own skills. Always be open to new ways of working and taking feedback onboard.

It goes without saying that a great dental nurse is an organised one. The ability to think one step ahead is a key skill. Anticipating what might be required in practice throughout the day and making sure everything is in the right place can make the day run more smoothly for everyone.

Positive Attitude
As a customer-facing member of the team, a friendly, positive personality is what makes dental nurses stand out in their practice. The energy of the team is important when it comes to making the patient feel relaxed and confident that they’re in good hands. A smile and a kind word go a long way to reassuring nervous patients.

As a dental nurse, you’re likely to be on your feet for most of the day; having a level of fitness that enables you to do this is important. Taking care of your own health and well-being can help give you the stamina needed to work in a busy practice.

Quick Thinking
Every case in practice is different and every patient is different; you can’t predict how the day will go; being adaptable and quick thinking makes for an exceptional dental nurse. Knowing how and when to apply your acquired knowledge and skills in stressful situations is vital.

Team Player
An expectational dental nurse always works to the best of their ability with the needs of other team members in mind. Working as a dental nurse isn’t a solo job; having a good awareness of your colleagues and their ways of working is important. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?!

Aside from excellent chair-side skills assisting the dentist, accurate record-taking makes a good dental nurse stand out. A level of responsibility, along with good concentration, is required as a dental nurse. Note-taking forms an important part of a patient’s records and needs to be detailed and as accurate as possible.

Strong Work Ethic
Exceptional dental nurses often are passionate about the work they do and can be relied on by the team.  If you are passionate about your job and the quality of your work your strong work ethic will shine through

Do you think you could be an exceptional dental nurse?

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