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Online CPD – Managing Medical Emergencies in the Dental Practice

For all dental professionals

You will update your knowledge of responding to medical emergencies, becoming up to date with the very latest guidance in managing medical emergencies in the dental setting and be able to apply prompt life-saving treatment.  You will also satisfy the GDC, Resuscitation Council and CQC’s requirements for dental professionals to annually update their skills and knowledge in this area.

What you will learn from this CPD course

  • How to manage a range of medical emergencies
  • How to assess and treat both conscious and unconscious patients.
  • How to recognise signs and symptoms of a range of medical conditions
  • How to summon help from other team members and emergency services when a medical emergency occurs.
  • What your role is when managing a medical emergency in the dental practice
  • How to administer emergency drugs and use emergency equipment.
  • How to carry out effective defibrillator supported cardiopulmonary resuscitation in both adult and child patients.
  • Which medical emergency drugs and equipment we are required to have available in the dental practice
  • How to audit emergency drugs and equipment.

Our Medical Emergencies in the Dental Practice course is quality assured and specifically tailored to help you fulfil your enhanced CPD requirements set out by the GDC. They also meet the CQC regulations to ensure you and your practice are delivering the highest standard of dental care.

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2 hours

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GDC Outcomes: C

medical emergencies

Who is the course suitable for?

Dental Therapists
Dental Hygienists
Orthodontic Therapists
Clinical Dental Technicians
Dental nurses
Dental Technicians

And any other team members with a valid GDC number can benefit from this CPD course.

Great reasons to take this course

Why take the medical emergencies CPD course?

  • Be able to understand how medical emergencies happen and how to manage them effectively – potentially saving lives both at work and at home.
  • Become an asset in any emergency situation by knowing your role and responsibilities in managing medical emergencies and performing them well.
  • Boost your employability – Being up to date on this topic is very appealing to potential employers.
  • This course will equip you to compile a local medical emergency plan.
  • Why not become responsible for auditing medical emergency drugs and equipment in your dental practice?
  • This course can give you invaluable and detailed insight into medical emergencies. Why not progress to becoming your practices nominated first aider by taking a First aid at work course?
  • Perform well in a CQC inspection when asked about the medical emergencies!
  • Fulfil your resuscitation council, GDC and CQC training requirements.

Course modules

Module 1 – Medical emergency guidance and regulation

  • Guidance and regulation specific to dental practices.
  • Emergency drug and equipment requirements
  • Recent updates

Module 2 – Assessing the patient

  • Primary and Secondary surveys.
  • Managing the conscious and unconscious patient.

Module 3 – Defibrillator supported Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

  • CPR equipment
  • Chest compression and rescue breaths
  • Defibrillator conditions for use, indications and contraindications.

Module 4 – Signs and symptoms and treatment of Medical conditions

  • Cardiac arrest
  • Myocardial infarction
  • Angina
  • Asthma
  • Panic Attack
  • Choking
  • Epileptic seizure
  • Stroke
  • Anaphylactic Shock
  • Hypoglycaemia/Diabetes
  • Syncope

Module 5 – Managing emergencies in the dental setting

  • Specific challenges of responding to an emergency in the dental practice setting
  • Hazards to be aware of the dental practice setting
  • The benefits of having an up to date medical history, staff training and medical emergency drugs and equipment.

Module 6 –  The Provision of CPR in Primary Dental Care during the COVID 19 Pandemic

  • Update of all national guidelines for the safe provision of CPR in the dental setting during the pandemic.

Relevant Legislation

Quality Standards: Primary dental care

GDC guidance on medical managing medical emergencies

CQC Dental Myth buster – List of medical emergency drugs and equipment required in the dental practice

CQC Regulation 12 (Safety of care and treatment).

CQC Regulation 17 (Good governance)

GDC Principle One Put patients’ interests first

Defibrillator supported Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Help and Guidance Feedback

Our interactive CPD learning courses have been created by Emma Male to the highest quality of learning standards.
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Emma has many years of experience teaching dentists and dental nurses and has delivered courses in practice and online making her uniquely positioned to offer our online CPD training in a fun engaging and interactive manner.
Emma holds the Kings College Hospital Dental Implant Nursing Certificate and has been the seconded BADN council member for Dental Implants.

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