Dental Impressions – Tips and Tricks

Putty mixing can be easy!

1.       Make sure you measure equal volumes of base and catalyst and always
use relevant colour coded spoons. A separate spoon for base (putty) and
separate one for catalyst.

2.       Mix the base and catalyst with your fingers until fully mixed and
until you get one solid colour without any swirls of putty colour coming
through. Try to mix the base and catalyst promptly, it shouldn’t take longer
than about 30 seconds on average.

3.       The putty materials should not be mixed with latex gloves, it can
disturb the setting reaction. Other types of gloves can be used like nitrile
or vinyl.

Tray adhesive quick tip!

4.       Tray adhesive helps to stick the putty to the impression tray.

5.       It’s important to apply very thin layer of the tray adhesive with a
brush onto the tray, make sure you have enough time to allow it to dry and
you are ready to go!

6.       Now let’s mix some putty and take some impressions.

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