Sprouting ways to study

Prepare to sprout the best study tips this Christmas and keep your motivation soaring! We all know that studying during the festive season can be challenging, but fear not, because at we have put together some of our top tips to help you hit the books and enjoy the festivities.

Follow these tips to get great results whilst also taking some time for your (s)elf!

Mince Pie Motivation

Set clear goals for yourself and reward yourself with mini celebrations.

Let’s talk about mince pie motivation!

Treat yourself to a delicious mince pie after completing a study session or reaching a milestone.

It’s a winner in multiple ways, it will let you feel festive, satisfy your sweet tooth and be a reminder that hard work pays off.

Jingle all the way

Studying over Christmas doesn’t mean you miss out on all the fun.

Why not jingle all the way through your study sessions with a festive playlist?

You can add some extra holiday cheer into your study routine, sipping on a hot chocolate while you revise.

While hitting the books during the holiday season can be challenging, it’s important to keep your festive spirits up!

Don’t be a Grinch

Remember, all work and (s)no(w) play can make studying feel like a chore.

So, schedule some time for fun!

Take breaks to enjoy your favourite holiday treats, watch a Christmas movie, have a mug of mulled wine or even go ice skating with friends.

Balancing work and play will help you stay motivated and energised.

Wrap it up!

Know when to wrap it up.

It’s important to set realistic goals and not push yourself too hard during the festive season or in fact any time!

Listen to your body and mind – if you’re feeling burnt out, give yourself permission to take a break.

Remember that rest is just as important as study time.

Sleigh those exams

Grab your textbooks, put on some cheerful tunes from your festive playlist, and tackle those studies with enthusiasm! With the right mindset and a sprinkle of holiday spirit, you’ll sleigh those exams in no time! Remember, even though this time of year is filled with joy and celebration, it doesn’t mean you can’t excel academically too. Happy studying!

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