Overseas Registration Examination and dental nurses

Dentists who have studied dentistry outside the EU are required to take the Overseas Registration Examination (ORE) in order to become registered with the General Dental Council and practise as a dentist in the UK. Some are turning to dental nursing while they wait. Emma Male reports.

Taking the Overseas Registration Examination (ORE) to become registered with the General Dental Council and practise as a dentist in the UK can often take time. While preparing to sit these assessments, some dentists will study for a dental nurse qualification and work as a dental nurse in the UK until they are able to complete their ORE and work as a UK dentist. For a non-EU dentist, with the right to work or study in the UK, joining a dental nursing course can give excellent, first-hand insight into working in the UK dental sector. Smile Wisdom Academy of Dentistry and Dental Nursing is based in central London and helps non-EU dentists to become dental nurses, assisting them to understand and experience UK dentistry and establish themselves as registered dental care professionals before or during taking their taking ORE

A prior knowledge of UK legislation

By undertaking a dental nursing qualification, overseas dentists can work in the UK as a GDC registered dental nurse, allowing them to understand UK legislation and guidance in every area of dentistry specific to the UK, including:

  •  Infection control
  • Radiography and radiation protection
  • Legal and ethical issues
  • Registrant obligations
  • Financial and contractual norms and trends
  • General working conditions
  • Patient expectations, patient care and management
  • Health and safety in the workplace
  • Managing medical emergencies
  • Managing and treating oral diseases and pathology
  • Oral health promotion and preventative dentistry.

Networking and employment opportunities

These dentists can also use the opportunity to build a network of dental care professionals, which may help them secure an employment placement as a dentist once they have completed the oversees exam. Settling into the UK culture and greater empathy for dental nurses As well as settling into the profession, securing a dental nursing placement can help them settle into the culture and lifestyle of a UK citizen, have greater empathy for the role of dental nurses who assist them in the future and have knowledge of how to run and manage dental practices, and thus a greater likelihood of career success. More details and entry criteria for the ORE can be found here

Emma Male is a dental nurse tutor and CPD Trainer at Elite Dental Nursing and Survive Alive Ltd. She has worked in dentistry since 2003, during that time has worked as an Orthodontic Nurse, Dental Implant Nurse, Practice Manager, Tutor and CPD Trainer. Emma provides in-house decontamination lead and medical emergency training through Elite Dental Nursing and in association with Survive Alive Ltd. She is also a member of the tutoring team at SmileWisdom Academy of Dentistry and Dental Nursing.