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Online CPD Courses for dental professionals

Completing your dental CPD doesn’t have to be boring.  SmileWisdom are here to enhance your CPD experience with our range of engaging, interactive and professional courses.

Your CPD courses are important for keeping your skills and knowledge up to date.  We have courses designed to make sure you meet your enhanced CPD requirements as set out by the GDC

In-depth Knowledge
Brought to you by dental experts
Instant access and assessment
Quality assured
Engaging and interactive
Learn at your own pace

Explore our eCPD courses

Complaints Handling
(2 Hours)

£60 incl. VAT

Our Complaints Handling course meets the CQC regulations and is tailored to help you fulfil your enhanced CPD requirements

complaints handling

Fire Safety
Principles (4 Hours)

£84 incl. VAT

Our fire safety CPD gives dental professionals knowledge to understand fire hazards and risks & control any fire hazards.

fire safety CPD

Assessment (4 Hours)

£84 incl. VAT

This CPD course gives you knowledge to undertake a COSHH risk assessment and to classify different hazardous substances their harmful effects

risk assessment CPD

OUR GDPR CPD for dental professionals will give you a greater understanding of the rules of the GDPR, the relevance to you and the complexities of data protection


DSE Risk
Assessment (4 Hours)

£84 incl. VAT

DSE Display Screen Risk Assessment course CPD will provide the knowledge needed to understand risks of using a display screen and any likely hazards

DSE Risk Assessment

Health & Safety in the
Dental Practice (4 Hours)

£84 incl. VAT

Health and Safety in the dental practice CPD Course will allow you to carry out risk assessments and to identify and control the risks from common workplace hazards.

Infection Control:
Decontamination & Disinfection (4 Hours)

£84 incl. VAT

To update your infection control knowledge enabling you to effectively carry out effective infection control policy and procedures in the dental setting.

Medical Emergencies
& CPR (2 Hours)

£60 incl. VAT

Medical Emergencies and CPR CPD will allow you to have sufficient knowledge to carry out defibrillation assisted cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Radiology & Radiation
(2 Hours)

£60 incl. VAT

Radiography and radiation protection CPD course will allow you to understand the purpose of dental radiography and radiation protection

Safeguarding Children &
Vulnerable Adults (4 Hours)

£84 incl. VAT

Safeguarding CPD course will allow you to understand the types of harm of abuse individuals may be at risk of and how to recognise them

The Mental Capacity Act
For the dental team (4 Hours)

£84 incl. VAT

Mental Capacity Act CPD course will allow you to understand the importance of the Mental Capacity Act in the dental setting.

mental health act

Our most popular bundles

Essential CPD for Practice Managers 

£155.00 incl. VAT


Complaints Handling for dental practices
The Mental Capacity Act for the Dental Team
COSHH Risk Assessment
GDPR for the Dental Team
DSE (Display Screen) Risk Assessment
Fire Safety Defibrillator Supported CPR

Access all package

£250.00 incl. VAT


Complaints Handling
Mental Capacity Act for Dental Team
COSHH Risk Assessment
GDPR for the Dental Team
DSE Risk Assessment
Fire Safety
Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults
Health and Safety in the Workplace
Managing Medical Emergencies
Radiography & Radiation Protection
Cross Infection Control

Your CPD Requirements

Your CPD requirement will depend on your job title. The list below shows the number of enhanced CPD Hours per 5-year cycle that you are required by the GDC

  • Dentists   –  100 hours
  • Dental Therapists   –  75 hours
  • Dental Hygienists   –  75 hours
  • Orthodontic Therapists   –  75 hours
  • Clinical Dental Technicians   –  75 hours
  • Dental nurses  –  50 hours
  • Dental Technicians  –  50 hours

Under the GDC’s enhanced CPD Scheme all Dental Professionals:

  • Must carry out at least 10 hours in every 2 year period
  • Must align their CPD activity with a GDC development or learning outcomes and plan CPD activity according to their fields of practice
  • Should carry out at least 2 hours of verifiable CPD in basic life support training(3j) on an annual basis

You can purchase instant access to the courses you require and complete them at your own pace, stopping and starting your learning at any juncture to suit you.

online cpd courses
CPD training

In-Practice Training

SmileWisdom is passionate about dental training and education.

We know the dental profession inside out and the challenges you face.

Finding the extra time for staff training can be tricky. There are multiple schedules to coordinate and a busy dental practice to run.

This is why in addition to running courses at the BDA and online, we can also deliver dental CPD courses to your team directly at your practice. These courses are tailor-made for you and will be adapted depending on the experience levels and the number of participants.

Click HERE to find out more about our In Practice Training options

If you are interested in any of our courses please contact the Team on 0207 205 2299 (option 1) or email to book your place.

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