Why the NEBDN National Diploma is a good way to enter the dental profession.

As a trainee dental nurse, choosing a dental nurse training course can be confusing, there are now several ways of becoming a registered dental nurse so how do we know which option is the best for you? How do we know that the SmileWisdom National Diploma in Dental Nursing is the right dental nurse training course, especially when options are available such as the Level 3 NVQ in Dental Nursing.

Course structure

The NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing is achieved by gaining practical, hands on dental nursing experience through completing your record of experience in your work place.  The record of experience allows you to reflect upon and get feedback on you your professional performance and allows you to reconcile your clinical practice with the theoretical knowledge obtained during your interactive class sessions. Once complete you will then sit a written multiple choice examination and once passed you will then sit a set of objective structured clinical examinations (OSCEs) which will use your practical, scenario based experience within the dental practice. Once you pass the OSCE you are then able to register with the GDC as qualified dental nurse.

Alternately the NVQ qualification is assignment based and relies upon the student carrying out 6-7 hours of study per week and completing assignments. Once the assignments are complete you are assessed in your practice by an Assessor. You also sit four computer based multiple choice examinations. Once your examinations and assignments are complete you will be able to register with GDC as a qualified dental nurse.

THE NEBDN…. Well established and trusted exam board.  

The NEBDN was established in 1943 with the support of the Dean of Birmingham Dental School, creating a recognised qualification which could be applied to all dental nurses throughout the UK. The first examination was in 1943 and has been held every year since apart from 1947 and 1948. In its modern form 2000 dental nursing students sit the exam each year.

How long will it take me to complete the NEBDN or NVQ course?

When you take the SmileWisdom NEBDN National Diploma you could become qualified in as little as 12 months with the support of your dentally experienced mentors, tutors and support team.

The NVQ normally takes longer normally around 24 months. The NVQ depends upon and assessor to visit you in practice to witness your portfolio, which can add to the time in which it takes to complete the qualification.

Why choose SmileWisdom?

SmileWisdom is very proud to provide excellent dental nurse training facilities in the heart of London. The location is easily accessible by many forms of transport.

Financial flexibility.

We offer a payment plan of up to 10 instalments to make budgeting for training costs more manageable.

Invaluable student support and experience with experience professional credible trainers

SmileWisdom and the NEBDN are run by dental professionals for dental professionals, with the highest possible standard of tuition. The SmileWisdom Advisory Board is composed of experienced registered dental Specialists, who very often will run a course as they simply enjoy dental coaching, teaching and lecturing. The student support team are also dental professionals with GDC registration.   

Due to the remote nature of some NVQ courses that you may not get the face to face support you may require at some stages, with SmileWisdom you can be assured that you will benefit from high quality, face to face communication throughout your diploma course.

We care about helping dental nurses find work with our professional networks. You will be taught by UK Qualified and registered dental tutors who can share and reflect upon their own career experiences with you.

It really works… we are proud to have a 98% pass rate for dental nurses.

How will my qualification help me in the future?

The NEBDN National Diploma is widely recognised and preferred by dental universities as part of the entry criteria for qualifications such as the BSc. in Dental Therapy where as the NVQ is still yet to be recognised by some dental schools. So if you are looking to develop our career further through university then the NEBDN Diploma could be the best option for you with this in mind.

Attend classes at times convenient to you

We offer both evening and daytime classes to suit your work and time commitments. You can also start NEBDN National Diploma as soon as it is convenient to you, with courses starting every 4 weeks.  

See for yourself… why not attend a free one class trial?!

For more information you can email: training@smilewisdom.co.uk or becky.madigan@smilewisdom.co.uk or alternatively give us a call on 020 7205 2299.