SmileWisdom Alumni celebrates Sara

Meet Sara, who successfully completed the radiography course in order to continue her growth and development in dentistry.

“Having completed my NEBDN Diploma in a Dental Nursing in 2017, I was ready to develop further skills relevant to my career in dentistry.

I have always enjoyed learning and like to challenge myself so I think it is a natural progression to undertake more courses relevant to my career.

“Having completed the radiography course I now look at the x-ray machine with different eyes”

The radiography course taught me so much. I can grade radiographs, understand more of the dental condition of the patient’s tooth, take standard radiographs, OPGs (orthopantomography) and cephalometric radiographs, understand how the x-ray machine works, what could go wrong and also what makes up local rules. Having completed the radiography course, I now look at the X-ray machine with different eyes.

I decided to study with SmileWisdom because the academy had such great reviews of the tutors, the support and the teaching – I just felt it was the place to study. Dr Liz gave amazing examples and doesn’t make things complicated.

The course isn’t easy, but it is a worthwhile course to take and the SmileWisdom team is available for support whenever you need it, which is wonderful”.

Sara radiography dental nurse

Sara Tabebordbar – radiography trained dental nurse

Sara is always interested in expanding her knowledge.

She encourages us to keep challenging ourselves and building up our skillsets to be the best dental professionals possible.

So if you’re looking to start a new course and build your career we provide postgraduate, CPD and further skills courses. If you are encouraging your friend to join the dental industry, we also provide the NEBDN Diploma for Dental Nursing. If, like Sara, you’re interested in any of our postgraduates courses including radiography do get in touch with our team on who can tell you more about the course, whether it is suitable for you and how to get started.

If you aren’t sure what may be right for you, talk to one of our lovely team members by emailing or call 02072052299

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