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Virtual Classroom – E-Learning Environment

London Academy of Dental Nurse Training

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    Virtual Class Rules:
    When joining a Virtual Class there are a few simple rules which will make your lecture flow much better and allow the Tutors to deliver the best lecture possible. Please follow these guidelines and you will get the most out of your Virtual Class experience.

    Microphone Usage:
    Firstly, as soon as you enter your Virtual Class you need to “Mute” your microphone button. When your microphone is muted it will be blue. If your microphone shows red next to it, it is active and we will all experience interference, which makes a very unpleasant noise! The only microphone that should be on is your Tutors unless she has passed ‘the mic’ over to you to speak.

    Video Usage:
    You should see a video camera symbol in the toolbar (highlighted in orange/red)
    Please click on this symbol to activate your camera, which will enable your fellow classmates to see you and vice-versa.

    You will always know that your camera is on as you will see the video camera symbol next to your name.

    Once you can see this symbol next to your name and your classmates, you can click on this which will open a window and their video will appear. You can change the size of each video view by right clicking on it and a series of size options will appear.

    Chat Usage:
    Third, there is a chat box at the bottom of the display, this allows instant messaging which all your classmates can see. You can use this to say hello to everyone or to ask questions if you prefer not to speak using the microphone.

    Interactive Flags:
    Lastly, just below the microphone icon you will see a series of symbols, these are “Interactive Flags”. The symbol mean the following. Hands-up (to ask questions), a smiley face, clapping hands, YES and NO (if the Tutor asks you a question please press this, and your answer will appear next to your name).

    We suggest that you use these buttons as it allows the Tutors to see clearly if you have a question (by raising your hand) alternately the Tutor may ask you a question and they can see your response of a YES or NO. See image below.

    Now simply sit back in the comfort of your own home and enjoy your interactive lecture with your Tutors