SmileWisdom Alumni celebrates Francesca Gergely

Meet Francesca, one of our new students enrolled on the September 2022 dental nursing diploma. She may have only been with us a few weeks but she’s already experienced some pretty exciting career developments and made her mum very proud in the process!

Francesca grew up and went to school in Romania where, as a child, she loved biology and anatomy. Her first instinct was to pursue a career as a vet but was a little put off by the thought of studying at university for 5-6 years. After graduating high school in June 2022, Francesca’s boyfriend suggested a move to the UK to be closer to his family. She decided to look into potential courses in the UK that might interest her and discovered dental nursing. Francesca was particularly drawn to the SmileWisdom website and after chatting with one of our founders, Mike Hutter, on the website live chat she decided to take the plunge and join the dental nursing diploma.

“I’m really happy, in just one month I already have a job, it’s amazing! I feel really good because I made my mum very proud”

Having only been to the UK once for a holiday in 2021, Francesca arrived in the UK in September this year and started her first dental nursing class just a week later! Luckily for Francesca, Dental Beauty Partners were hosting a paid induction week in Croydon, London to recruit new trainee dental nurses and give them valuable insights into the role of a dental nurse.

Francesca she was put forward for the opportunity and loved every minute. “It was amazing, I loved it,” she recalls, “we learnt so much and the people were really nice.” Francesca spent five days with Dental Beauty Partners learning skills like dental impression taking, patient role playing, digital scanning and being introduced to the dental instruments she’d be working with in her new career. On the last day of the induction week, Francesca was offered a job with Dental Beauty Partners and was able to choose the practice closest to her home in North London as her new workplace.

After just one week shadowing a qualified dental nurse at Dental Beauty Partners in Islington, Francesca has been given a permanent surgery and dentist to work with directly as she’s so good at what she does! She’s clearly a quick learner with good listening skills and the ability to put into practice all that she learns.

When Francesca came to the UK straight from high school she wasn’t expecting at all to find a job so quickly. “I’m really happy, in just one month I already have a job, it’s amazing! I feel really good because I made my mum very proud”, she says excitedly. Francesca will work five days a week in her new dental practice whilst also studying for her dental nursing diploma with SmileWisdom. We wish her all the best for the future and can’t wait to see how she progresses!


Francesca Gergely

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