Photography Cameras

Photography Cameras Traditionally in dentistry we have used DSLRs, these are the digital equivalents to the old school 35mm SLR cameras from the 1960’s and 70s. These cameras have a moving mirror that allows he viewfinder to see through the same lens as the camera sensor. The noise this type of camera makes is ion

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Responsibilities of a dental nurse

Dental Nurse responsibilities and duties If you are looking to become a dental nurse you might like to know more about the responsibilities and duties of qualified dental nurses. We aim to give you a clearer picture about the challenges you might face in your career. Responsibilities of a Dental Nurses according to the

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An exciting career as a dental nurse

If you are thinking about a new career, or joining a profession that will provide a excellent career progression and many opportunities for future development, look no further than becoming a qualified dental nurse. If you are organised and like working with people, and prepared to join a course for 2 hours a week

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