SmileWisdom Alumni celebrates Shaneque Willis

Meet Shaneque.

Shaneque was born in Jamaica and always wanted to be a dental nurse. During the Covid-19 pandemic she worked at a testing centre in Ealing for 2 months with her sister. Having worked in hospitality for the last few years it was a waitressing colleague that would encourage her to pursue a career in dental nursing. Her colleague was in the process of finishing her dental nurse training and about to take the exam, Shaneque was intrigued to find out more.

Typing in ‘dental nursing’ into Google, Shaneque found the SmileWisdom website and discovered that the face-to-face learning sessions take place not far from her home in central London. Having somewhere she could go to learn face-to-face was really important to her, “I like face-to-face learning more, I think I learn better in that environment,” she says.

My sister lost her front tooth and it’s still missing, I want to be able to help people like my sister and make their lives better.

Shaneque is one of our newest students having enrolled on the September 2022 course. Prior to starting her first face-to-face class she was given the opportunity to take part in a five day induction training course in partnership with Dental Beauty Partners.

Dental Beauty Partners run the paid induction weeks as a way of sourcing new dental nurse trainees to work in their many practices, while giving dental nurses a flying start and enabling them to become more independent in their new career. Shaneque recalls, “I was excited to do the induction week. It was a really good programme with lots of information to take in, including practical work. It’s a great opportunity for anyone that hasn’t found a job yet. The induction week puts things into perspective as you get to see what is expected of you in a dental nursing role.” During the induction week, Shaneque was thrilled to find out she had secured a new job, five days a week, with Dental Beauty Partners in Battersea.


She says, “I’m really looking forward to working as a dental nurse and see how far I can progress with my career. I’d love to do a postgraduate course in the future and become an implant nurse. My sister lost her front tooth and it’s still missing, I want to be able to help people like my sister and make their lives better.” We wish her all the best with her studies and her new job!



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