SmileWisdom Alumni celebrates Janeta

Meet Janeta, a transfer student who almost gave up her dream of being a dental nurse, but joined SmileWisdom to give her career change another chance. 

“I was 36-37 years old when I decided to switch career from retail. I was working in Harrods but I had always wanted to work in a medical environment. 

After a friend suggested dental nursing, I ended up joining a course that didn’t feel right, felt rushed and I eventually failed my exam. 


My advice? The journey is worth it. It is rewarding, be positive, it’s hard work so plan your study to do a little every day. Then try to find a job you enjoy with people you enjoy

At this point, I wasn’t sure if dental nursing was for me and wondered if I should stay in retail. I had already invested so much time and effort in this career change, so I decided to give it another go.

That is when I found SmileWisdom Academy. I realised I just didn’t have the knowledge I needed and to learn more. I spoke to Becky on the phone and she gave me information about the academy. My situation was different but she was very welcoming and happy to take on a transfer. She was so understanding. 

Liz was amazing and I can still remember what she taught. I enjoyed having my classes at the @britishdentalassociation before the pandemic. It was such a nice group of students and someone was always bringing cakes or snacks. I had a really good time learning there and Liz was a wonderful teacher. 

I got my job by walking into a practice and asking if they had a vacancy, which they did. I had an interview and now work in paediatric dental nursing. I love it. It is perfect for me and very different to general dental practice. I would like to continue developing my skills in this area of dentistry. It is both challenging and a rewarding experience working with children. 

That is what I like about dental nursing, you can choose so many different areas to go into, paediatric, cosmetic, surgical etc. All you require is one qualification, then you can progress. 

SmileWisdom has a very friendly abs positive atmosphere. My tutor Liz was funny which made it easy to learn, and my group of students were all professional and passionate to learn. 

My advice? The journey is worth it. It is rewarding, be positive, it’s hard work so plan your study to do a little every day. Then try to find a job you enjoy with people you enjoy”.
Dental nurse career change


Gave up a career in retail to pursue her dreams

Janeta reminds us how important it is to strive for success.

It is so easy to settle for something that isn’t right or doesn’t make you happy but life is too short not to chase your dreams

If you are in a job that doesn’t make you happy and are considering a career change why not call us for a chat so we can talk to you about dental nursing and you can find out if it might be a great move for you.

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