Sarah Restall

First Aid Course Leader

Sarah Restall

Sarah’s First Aid career started within the Aviation Industry as a Health and Safety Officer. Sarah went on to teach a variety of Health & Safety subjects including manual handling, risk management, cabin safety and first aid for Cabin Crew.

Sarah is a highly experienced Certified First Aid Instructor with a proven track record in delivering interactive, hands-on and enjoyable First Aid training.

Sarah has an easy-going approach allowing delegates to get involved whereby ensuring that they have a clear understanding of how to assess an emergency and provide necessary treatment

SmileWisdom working with Purple Hearts Certified First Aid Instructors offer a range of courses.

Previous Student Testimonial

 I was so lucky to meet Becky, Ewa and our wonderful teacher, Liz. The lectures are more and more interesting with every class. Liz makes the learning process so fun and easy. The thorough explanations, the brightly coloured drawings and charts, the silly jokes, all these combined, make our learning experience more captivating! I will do my best not to dissapoint her on my final exam.

We have now employed two dental assistants trained at SmileWisdom. We are
impressed with the high standard of training they have received.