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Sally Dixon

Copywriter & Content Manager SmileWisdom

Sally Dixon BA (Hons) LCF, Dip NC (CNM), Dip NLC (IHS)

Copywriter & Content Manager

Sally is a newbie to the SmileWisdom team and responsible for making sure we’re keeping in line grammatically.

Sally writes and edits some of our blog posts, contributes articles to Dental Nursing and makes sure our bios are engaging! She graduated with a degree in Fashion Journalism and Promotion from the London College of Fashion, going on to spend over 17 years in the magazine industry.

Previously Founder & Creative Director at her sportswear brand Every Second Counts, she’s now passionate about nutrition and eating for good health. You’ll find her relaxing with Pilates or Kundalini yoga and her favourite quote is a Nisargadatta Maharaj one, “The other world is this world, rightly seen.”

“The other world is this world, rightly seen.”