Dental nurse recruitment

Understanding Applications

The ‘Applications’ section of the Practice Account allows you to view and manage all the applications to your vacancies that have been submitted via the SmileWisdom Recruitment.

Please note that each application is also sent to you via email in real time.

Applications – List:
On this screen you will get a list of all of the responses that you have received from your open job vacancy adverts.

Applications – View:
Click the ‘View’ button to open up the application that has been received.

Applications – Status:
This shows you if an application is ‘New’ and then allows you to change the status to the following: ‘Read’, ‘Rejected’ or ‘Accepted’. 

When you change the status we will automatically notify the candidate.

Applications – Star Values:
On the Applications screen you will see a set of stars, these stars are there to allow you to mark an indication of the quality of the application.

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