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This includes: Dental Examinations, Composite restorations, Amalgam restorations, Fissure Sealants, Extractions, Crown and Bridge preparations, Dentures, basic Root Canal Treatment, processing and assisting in taking intraoral and extra oral radiographs. Decontamination and sterilisation of instruments.
This includes: Complex RCT with a specialist using microscope, assisting taking radiographs. Decontamination and sterilisation of instruments.
This includes: Preparing the clinical environment and assisting for the implant procedure, decontamination and sterilisation of instruments
For nurses qualified in taking dental impression on the patients under the dentists supervision and prescription.
This includes: Sinus Lifts, Surgical Extractions, Implants, Bone grafts etc
This includes: Fixed orthodontics and invisalgn. Please specify your experience.
This includes: Working in a child based practice either specialist or general dentistry.
This includes: Working with a hygienist/ Therapist in Root Planning, Crown Lengthening, providing oral heal advise. Ideally OHE nurse
This includes: Experience in complex and cosmetic specialist restorative dentistry
This includes: Qualified in taking dental radiographs under the dentists prescription.
This includes: IV Conscious sedation (Midazolam) or general anaesthesia in hospital.
This includes: Autoclave testing, washer disinfector testing and general sterilisation of all instruments and handpieces.
This includes: In surgery whitening and at-home (tray-based) whitening.
Making using suction machine whitening trays.
This includes: CQC policy knowledge and legislations
This Includes: Greeting patients, answering the phone, booking appointments, taking payment, daily cashing up, etc
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