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Frequently Asked Questions – SmileWisdom Job Board

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Who is SmileWisdom?2019-05-31T13:25:58+01:00

SmileWisdom is run for dental professionals, by dental professionals and offer in-practice training/ CPD courses, as well as the NEBDN Level 3 diploma in dental nursing. Additionally, SmileWisdom provides a unique resourcing service for the recruitment of all dental nurses.

What is the SmileWisdom job board?2020-09-02T17:32:41+01:00

A niche job board specifically for dental practices to advertise dental nurse and practice support jobs like treatment co-ordinators, lead nurses, managers etc.

We have vast database of candidates, from dental nurse students to GDC-qualified and highly experienced nurses.

Who will apply for a posted job?2020-07-24T14:32:40+01:00

You will receive applications directly from dental nurses.

With a few clicks you can define a specific skill set and experience level to ensure only suitable candidates apply.

Can I advertise a full-time or part-time job?2019-05-31T13:36:23+01:00

Yes, you can advertise both a full-time or part-time position.

Can I advertise a permanent or temporary job?2019-05-31T13:37:19+01:00

Yes, you can advertise for either temporary or permanent positions.

Can I advertise for a job for qualified or students nurse?2020-07-24T13:05:38+01:00

Yes, you can advertise for either GDC-qualified or student nurse positions.

How long can I post a job for?2020-07-24T13:04:53+01:00

Posted jobs expire after 30 days, but you can renew your advert free of charge if the job has not been filled.

What are the benefits to my dental practice of using SmileWisdom job board?2020-07-24T13:03:47+01:00
  • We are up to 10x cheaper than recruitment agencies who charge up to 10% of the annual salary of the positions they recruit for!
  • With us you avoid high fees or commission; our fee remains fixed regardless of the salary, location or position. You just pay for each job you post.
  • Focused uniquely on dental nurse and practice support positions
  • You can precisely specify the skills and experience you require from the candidates to ensure only the suitable people apply – this saves you a lot of time!
  • You receive all applications in ‘real-time’ and directly to you
How can you guarantee I will receive applications to my job postings?2020-07-24T11:15:48+01:00

We can never guarantee how many applications you will receive. However, SmileWisdom has a vast network of  GDC- registered and student dental nurses. SmileWisdom also runs the NEBDN Diploma in Dental nursing with over 170 dental nurse trainees studying in London and allover the UK who are able to fill full-time/part-time, temporary/permanent positions.

How do I receive applications to my job postings?2020-07-24T11:59:33+01:00
  • Once you have registered and received own login details (e.g. your practices email and password) you can then log in, view and respond to applications.
  • All applications/CVs and relevant documents will go straight to your registered email in real time and you just liaise directly with the candidates.
I see you offer CPDs and online courses. Can I enrol my employees on your courses?2020-07-24T11:39:59+01:00

Of course! We have a range of courses for the whole team, including Core CPDs like Basic Life Support, as well as Skills courses like Impression Taking.

We can run a course for your team at our location (BDA, Wimpole Street, London) or at your dental practice.

Contact [email protected] or call 0207 205 2299, and see the list of courses we offer.

How can I make my job post specific to skills and experience?2019-10-21T19:06:46+01:00

When you post a job, you can enter years of experience required for specific dental nursing skills. You can be very specific what dental skills are needed for the role and this will ensure the applications are better matched to your vacancy. This cuts time so you do not have to trawl through irrelevant applications.

How do I review and give feedback to the applications I receive?2020-07-24T10:48:44+01:00

For each application you receive you can add a comment, reject with a click of a button or request an interview. Our simple process saves you time as you don’t have to feedback to a recruiter.

What is the cost of advertising a job?2020-07-24T10:44:35+01:00

Our costs vary based on whether you need permanent or temp nurse and whether they are GDC-registered or a student.

Our fee is very competitive in comparison to any recruitment agency and it remains fixed regardless of the salary, location and the job role. You just pay for each job you advertise.

How many CVs will I receive?2020-07-24T10:27:33+01:00

You will receive all the CV of the candidates who apply.

How does the SmileWisdom job board save me time?2020-07-24T10:24:54+01:00
  • When advertising your vacancy, you can and add all the specific skills and experience level required (from no experience to 3+ years) for each specific skill required for the role; this will allow the right candidates to apply for the role.
  • You liaise directly with the candidates which means you don’t have to go via a recruiter to book in interview times and discuss feedback etc.
What technology can you provide?2019-10-21T18:59:43+01:00

We have developed our very own in-house dental nursing job board management platform. This allows you to track and manage in real time all your vacancies whilst assessing and managing all your incoming applications.

Who do you work with?2020-07-24T09:32:01+01:00

We partner with NHS, private or mixed dental practices, large and small. We are proud to be fulfilling recruitment needs of two of the largest dental groups in the UK: Bupa Dental and Portman Dental, as well as of many independent practices.

What areas do you cover?2020-09-02T18:18:39+01:00

We cover England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.