After gaining your dental nurse diploma the next logical step is to find a job!

When looking for your first job as a dental nurse there are a few tips that will help you to ace that interview.


Make sure you have done your research on the practise you are interviewing for. Look at the company website, familiarise yourself with the practise ethos and any specialists who are working there. Ideally look at prices and have an idea of clients. Research is a great way of showing commitment to the role.


Where is the dental practise you are interviewing for based? Find out the nearest tube station (if London) and check how easy it is to walk. Being late to an interview is never acceptable. The best plan is to go and visit before your interview but if this isn’t possible leave plenty of time for traffic jams and simply getting lost!


First impressions count! Make sure you look smart and well presented. This is not the time for bold fashion statements! Find an outfit that is smart and professional.

Follow Up

After the interview it is a great idea to email thanking the dental practise for their time and reiterating your interest in the position. Candidates who are proactive stand out.